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Business Referral Program

Referrals Made Simple

Our Business Referral Program is a great way for individuals to EARN some extra cash by referring YOUR business associates and clients to OUR business, Computers Made Effective, Inc. It's a simple process -- just call our sales team, fill out a short form, agreeing to our simple terms, then watch OUR sale become YOUR profit!

  • GET up to $500 for each referral that turns into a sales contract
  • NO selling
  • NO limits on referrals
  • ALL referrals remain confidential

Simply call our sales line at 877-272-8280 and tell our sales associate that you have a business you want to refer.
They will provide the appropriate paperwork and lead referral forms to complete - then submit to CME.
You can also contact our team via email
See --- it really is that simple! So why wait, get referring today and make money!

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