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As the leading experts in the field of speech recognition, our team works diligently to provide our clients with the latest innovation in voice and speech solutions. As a certified Nuance® Elite Partner, we are recognized as being one of an exclusive group of partners who have demonstrated the highest level of client service and ability. Our success and expertise in the implementation of the Nuance Dragon® Medical and Dragon Professional suite of products has earned us this highly coveted certification level from Nuance.

Computers Made Effective was established in 1998 in Tampa, Florida. We have since grown to cover the United States with offices in North Carolina, California and Florida. We are dedicated to continuing our research of the latest products in voice recognition and actively participate in focus groups that allow us to test new products before we provide them to our clients. With almost 20 years of service, we have provided voice solutions to thousands of satisfied clients in medical practices, hospitals, law firms, small to mid-sized businesses, law enforcement agencies and the disabled.

We are committed to the highest standard of service that ensures your solution is implemented efficiently and effectively in your environment. Our staff of certified trainers and technicians have a broad expertise that spans across many EMR’s and operating systems. We specialize in customizing Dragon Medical for any windows-based EMR. Our commitment to continued training in voice recognition solutions allows us to provide the latest products and top level of service that is evident in our customization and implementation.

As certified technicians and trainers, we offer cost-effective online implementation for nationwide service

As dedicated client service providers, we can also provide on-site training and implementation at your facility

As a Nuance Elite Partner for Dragon Medical solutions, we work with you to analyze your systems, software and goals in order to achieve the best possible customized solution. We follow high standards to ensure that your Dragon implementation works in your environment. Our staff of trainers has expertise with many EMR's and specialties other than those listed. We remain abreast of the latest advancements in speech as Dragon Medical Elite Partners.

Whether you purchase from our website, on the phone, or at an event, you are ensured we will provide you with the right product for your practice or business – at the most competitive price. We take that one step further by fully supporting our implementations.

Our goal is client satisfaction and increased productivity by providing solutions to you and all your staff.

Please call us for a free online demo at 813-962-3829 or 866-977-3324