The exam of the future has arrived

Reduce time spent documenting care for telehealth & in‑office visits with Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX). Ambient intelligence allows a patient and a doctor to connect as human beings with the added benefit of saving time and improving the patient experience, and eliminating after-hours work.

Experience better telehealth visits

Nuance DAX is now integrated into Microsoft Teams to broadly scale virtual consults aimed at increasing physician wellness and providing better patient health outcomes. It enables physicians to activate Nuance DAX from within their Teams workflows, so they can focus on the patient while the AI securely captures the details of the virtual visit in context.

What is Ambient Clinical Intelligence (ACI)?

ACI is a comprehensive, AI-powered, voice-enabled solution that uses ambient sensing technology to securely listen to clinician-patient encounter conversations while offering workflow and knowledge automation to complement the EHR. Exceeding the capabilities of a virtual or on-site scribe, the Nuance DAX, innovated by Nuance and Microsoft, promotes a better patient experience by accurately capturing and appropriately contextualizing every word of the patient encounter and automatically documenting patient care without taking the physician's attention off the patient.


Ambiant Device

Clinicians engage in conversation with their patients while a dedicated mobile app or purpose-built ambient device with highly optimized microphone array, large interactive display, integrated biometrics, and multi-sensory capabilities securely captures a multi-party conversation.

Ambiant Documentation

Deep-learning-based AI securely converts encounter conversations into standardized, structured notes tailored for each specialty that adhere to established documentation standards. AI-generated notes go through a brief quality review process to check for accuracy, omissions, and appropriateness before being delivered to the clinician for signature in the EHR—creating an AI learning loop for continuous improvement.

Ambiant Skills

Simply say "Hey Dragon" to get information in and out of the EHR. Integrated virtual assistant capabilities enable care teams to complete a growing list of tasks in real time within their EHR and other third-party applications.