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Want to learn more about our Telehealth Solution?

Our Telehealth Solution provides remote healthcare to keep patients cared for while also keeping healthcare staff and providers safe. Your practice can have revenue generating telehealth visits with patients and HIPAA compliant real-time communication allows staff and providers to work from home as needed.

For more information, please contact us to schedule a demonstration. We typically can get your practice up and running with telehealth visits within a short period of time.

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HIPAA Compliant,
Real Time Mobile Messaging,
Voice and Video Platform

Secure Messaging

Disrupting Healthcare Communication

Making it Easy, Fast and Revenue Generating.

Our Telehealth Solution is a real-time, mobile messaging and video consult application based in a fully HIPAA-compliant digital environment. The platform connects providers to both internal and external providers as well as connecting patients to practices, making it a unique offering in the crowded marketplace. The application leverages real-time delivery and notifications to boost responsiveness and engagement. The end result is improved outcomes with greater time and resource efficiency, for a better, more seamless care experience. 

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The application has a variety of features including:

  • Easily downloading transcripts into an EHR/EMR

  • Video consults

  • Voice to text

  • Secure image sharing

  • Open network communication

  • 7-years of archived messages are included for your contract

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Launch Voice and Video Calls Right from Your Application


Simple EMR/EHR Integration

With one simple click, move important care plan discussions to the patient's chart.

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Replace Phone Tag, Voice Mail, & Non-Secure Messaging with Compliant Texting

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