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1st-Dragon/Computers Made Effective Will Attend NATCON 20 in April

Our team is looking forward to attending NATCON 20 from April 5-7th, in Austin, Texas. We are continuing the support of our physician and clinician clients who focus on the multi-faceted field of Behavioral Health. “The productivity and time-saving solutions we offer have been extremely valuable to the healthcare industry. Our most recommended solution is the cloud-based, HITRUST CSF Certified speech recognition solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One, which is particularly efficient for use within the many verticals of Behavioral Health”, stated Bonnie Saxman, President of 1st-Dragon/CME.

“As we learn more about the specific workflows and EHRs used by the medical practices who focus on improving the mental health of their patients, we have been able to help them increase their productivity when they implement a speech recognition solution, like Dragon Medical One”, Saxman further expanded.

The specific documentation needs of the Behavioral Health physician are vast and continue to grow year after year. By implementing time-saving solutions and devices that use the power of your own voice like Dragon Medical One and the recommended microphones, PowerMic III and PowerMic Mobile, physicians and clinicians can leverage these new technologies to increase their office efficiency by speaking, rather than typing. On average, you can save up to 2 hours for every hour of documentation.

Dragon Medical One has built-in vocabulary that recognizes the specific terminology medical professionals use every day. The setup is easy and simple to use once installed and deployed. Your clinicians and staff can create a single-user voice profile and be up and documenting in minutes. The solution can be used within your chosen EHR and accessed across your other clinical workflows, Windows® based devices, and apps, for a seamless and very consistent voice experience across the back end, front end, and between desktops and mobile devices.

Reach out to our team in advance of the conference by contacting us below. At NATCON20, we can be found at Booth #1136. We look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to our entire suite of productivity solutions. | 866.977.3324 or 877-272-8280


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