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Dragon® Medical One Helps Behavioral Health Practices Capture More Accurate and Relevant Information

With the growing documentation requirements for medical practices in the Behavioral Health field, using a technology tool like speech recognition can assist in ensuring you are capturing all the relevant details of a patient visit. Let’s face it, we know your patient load is getting bigger every year, yet you still have the same number of hours available to you in every workday. Finding a way to get all the necessary notes and treatment plans documented by your physicians in the allotted time frame becomes more of a challenge every year. We speak up to 3x as fast as we can type, so why not leverage the power of your own voice to speed up the documentation process using medical speech recognition.

Speech recognition software has been in use for over a decade capturing millions of patient records. With the advancements in technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI), the speech recognition solutions available today are more intuitive and accurate than ever before. Our recommended solution, cloud-based AI-powered Dragon Medical One, has been a game-changer when used by specialty medical practices, like Behavioral Health.

Dragon Medical One provides a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience across all your clinical workflows, platforms, and Windows® based devices, regardless of your clinician’s physical location. It allows your staff to use their own voice to securely capture relevant information and document their patient’s story more naturally and efficiently — from “virtually” anywhere. Your staff can achieve 99% accuracy with no voice profile training required, and a single cloud‑based profile that is auto‑established at the first use.

Patient information is confidential, and HITRUST CSF Certified Dragon Medical One, fits the necessary HIPAA compliance requirements. It also works with most EHRs in use today, providing a seamless, consistent, and personalized voice experience for use across back-end, front-end, on-premise and cloud-based solutions. This solution allows your clinicians much needed flexibility to easily work between desktops, mobile devices and even outside of your EHR. Dragon Medical One provides you with the assurance that your speech-related data is securely communicated over 256-bit encryption channels using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.

Let our team of solutions specialists review your practice’s clinical workflows to see where Dragon Medical One, and our other suite of productivity tools, can help your clinicians capture the most relevant patient information.

Contact us today at or by phone at 877-272-8280 or 866-977-3324.

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