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Ensure Your Medical Practice Stays Compliant with Current Federal Guidelines

We know that safe and secure patient communication and a patient’s access to their record, is essential in the field of human healthcare. Keeping your records secure is a federal requirement, and as such, medical practices need to prioritize compliance. Our team of productivity and efficiency experts at 1st-Dragon/CME stay up to date on the exact types of concerns that busy medical practices deal with every day.

Currently we are reviewing the New Federal Rules (21st Century Cures Act), that requires Healthcare Organizations to provide their patients with digital copies of their medical records. As we review the new guidelines, we know actually accomplishing this task in the hectic daily workflow of your business can present some challenges. That’s why we’ve put together another “expert-led” webinar that may help you address a few concerns you may have about getting and staying compliant AND how using today’s technology may be to your advantage.

We’ve asked Asif Choksi, CEO of N-Krypt Global Services, to join us on our upcoming webinar to discuss how N-Krypt Global Services solutions can be used to not only protect your medical practice, but also help your practice by:

➢ Increasing Awareness of Cybersecurity Posture

Reducing Costs

Saving Time

➢ Using Compliant Software Efficiently

While we prepare for the upcoming event, we have been experiencing an increase in the implementation of our recommended HIPAA-compliant cloud solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO) all across the country. As last year’s HIPAA Security Rule guidelines have been put in place, busy medical practices are adding the AI-powered solution to their workflow to help mitigate any current and future federal compliance issues. By implementing the speech recognition solution (recommended by 98% of physicians) to your clinical workflow, you can get and stay compliant while still using your preferred EHR or practice management platform for patient documentation.

Check out these numbers pulled from our survey of physicians using DMO in your workflows are expansive and include:

● Spending 50% LESS time on Documenting

54% INCREASE in Optimized User Productivity

93% EASIER to Capture the Patient’s Story

Join us on our next webinar to learn more about our compliant solution, and how to keep your patient records safe by ensuring a high level accessibility performance with similar tools and technology. Register HERE for our April 5, 2023 event!

Have questions before or after our webinar? Then we encourage you to reach out to one of our Solution Specialists, ask to learn more about the 2023 #1 Best in KLAS top conversational AI Speech Recognition Solution for front-end EHR usage, and keep up with the trends of today’s innovative tools and technology!

Let us help get you started with a FREE 7-day Trial of the #1 Best in KLAS Dragon Medical One for 2021, 2022, and again in 2023! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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