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Get Clearer Documentation With Nuance® Dragon Medical For Ophthalmology

When choosing a speech recognition solution that both compliments

and enhances the performance of your Ophthalmology EHR, eye care specialists

need look no further than Dragon Medical Software Solutions.

Leveraging the advances in speech recognition technology, is what gives eye care specialists enhanced productivity in their practice, when using a highly accurate Dragon Medical speech solution. Comprehensive patient notes with terminology specific to the ophthalmology physician, is built into the software, and additional specific words and phrases, unique to this specialty, can be added to a user’s profile, in just a few minutes.

Physicians can document quickly and directly, using the power of their own voice, right into the EHR. Speaking details on the patient’s eye exam, provide prescriptions direction, and suggest further follow up, all enhance the performance of their EHR platform.

The software is extremely accurate, right from the first use, without any training. As you speak in your own words, in a variety of environments, the software continues to learn your voice patterns and unique modulations, and becomes more and more accurate with each use.

As the needs of the physician change, their digital tools need to keep up, so the cloud-based solution, Dragon Medical One is maximizing on the latest in AI deep learning technology. As a cloud product, Dragon Medical One creates a single voice profile, accessible across several clinical workflows and devices, making it a viable solution for the specialist who requires technology to keep up with their needs. Secure and HIPAA compliant data is communicated over 256-bit encryption channels, and works seamlessly even on the highly mobile Windows 10 tablets and devices.

We encourage you to reach out to our Solutions Specialist Team to learn more about the products and services we can provide to Eye Care Professionals.

Attending the Eye Care Leaders One User Summit in August? Visit our booth and see a LIVE Dragon Medical demo and register to win a Nuance PowerMic III microphone!


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