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Higher Level Engagement with Your EHR and Our Super User Feature Can Boost Productivity

When our medical practice clients need higher productivity, we work with them to examine their current workflows to see where we can help. One of the most common areas where productivity wanes is patient documentation. Physicians and clinicians spend on average, more than 20 hours* per week on patient-focused paperwork, making it a significant drain on their other tasks, such as office visits and follow-up care. While accurate documentation is extremely essential for patient care, the amount of time required to document can be inefficient. Time savings is where our team of solution specialists can help your practice. We work with hundreds of clients every year and listen to their needs. Based on conversations and needs analysis we developed a customized Super User Feature**, available with our recommended speech recognition solution. By adding in this feature, you can engage at a much higher level with your EHR.

We typically can speak up to three times as fast as we can type which makes speech recognition a huge time savings. Using a speech recognition product that is specifically made for medical professionals will increase the efficiency even more. Our recommended cloud-based Dragon Medical One was developed by Nuance Communications, innovators in voice and speech recognition solutions. The solution was built to be used with most EHRs making the engagement a better and more efficient experience.

A few of the great features of Dragon Medical One include:

Budget-friendly - this cloud-based solution requires less capital investment, demands fewer IT resources, and had a monthly-subscription based model

Automatic updates - resulting in significant cost-savings for clinics without the time and staff to support on-premise installations

HITRUST CSF-certified HIPAA compliant

Immediate Data availability - when clinicians create documentation, data is available immediately and transcription costs are eliminated.

Accessibility - consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience across Windows® based solutions, platforms, and devices

Point-of-care documentation - easy to capture the right information at the point of care

Accurate narrative - to support proper billing and coding for appropriate reimbursement and fewer claim denials

**Further increase your productivity by providing a wide-range of customizations for use within your chosen EHR when you utilize our 1st-Dragon/CME’s Super User Customization Feature.

Just a few highlights of the Super User Feature are:

➔ Import of specialty-specific auto text commands

➔ Specialized command distribution to ALL profile users

➔ Microphone button customization

➔ Navigational short-cut development (EHR specific)

Reach out to one of our solution specialists today and engage at a higher level with your EHR using our Super User Feature! | 866.977.3324 or 877.272.8280

*( 11/2018)

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