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IM Your Doc Adds Virtual Video Visits

As of 2019 the IMYourDoc application has introduced a brand-new feature for their users. Not only are patients and doctors able to keep in contact via text through the app, they can now have virtual visits with the video call option. This helps providers make quicker diagnoses to their patients without using time in the office. This will not only help make patient to doctor communication easier, but also more accessible. This feature also allows for anti-video call, so that you as providers don’t get calls at odd hours during the day. IM Your Doc’s new Telemed feature has created real opportunities for you!

  • Generate new revenue through reimbursable video consults

  • Extend your geographic reach outside your primary service area and reduce readmissions

  • Simplify care for patients that can’t make it into the office

  • Attract new patients looking for more convenience and more access

  • Monitor chronically ill patients to flag any deterioration in their condition

If you are interested in having a video consultation option visit email us at or contact us at 813-962-3829 for more information.

Read more about IM Your Doc at


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