MDS® Medical and Dragon® Medical One Are Making Higher Practice Productivity Possible

If you had the opportunity to participate in the latest webinar in our webinar series, you would have seen how in-sync MDS Medical and their suite of products is with our recommended cloud-based AI-powered speech recognition solution, Nuance® Dragon Medical One (DMO).

During the webinar, one of our Solution Specialists spotlighted MDS Medical with a live demonstration of DMO working within the clinical workflows of some of the more widely-used EHRs on the market, namely: AdvancedMD, athenaOne, and Greenway Prime Suite. The demonstration within these EHRs highlighted the level of speed and efficiency the cloud-based solution DMO provides to your daily tasks and ever-increasing patient documentation and insurance requirements for your ambulatory care practice.

Speech recognition works with your own natural voice using a recommended microphone or app, (vs traditional typing) to document directly into your practice’s chosen EHR - inserting scripts, exam narrative, and treatment plans directly into the software all within your own clinical workflow. A single user profile is created upon implementation, that can be accessed across a wide variety of programs, software, apps, and devices to enhance usability within your practice. Use your Smartphone to access your practice’s EHR after leaving the hospital or office to document patient notes via a secure and HIPAA-compliant tool.

Implementing Dragon Medical One practice-wide provides the following benefits:

reduce the amount of time spent creating patient notes, and treatment plans

produce documentation up to 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content

save your physicians and clinicians a significant 2 hours a day (on average)*