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Medical Speech Recognition Can End the Pain of Incomplete Patient Documentation Inside Your EHR

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Adding a medical speech recognition solution to your existing practice’s workflow helps to alleviate the pain of your physicians not completing their notes inside their EHR after a patient encounter.

With the ease of using their voice to speak the notes right into each cell in the medical record, versus the time associated with hours of typing, helps the physician with efficiency as it allows them to complete the notes faster. We speak, on average 3x as fast as we can type, and the flow of our words comes more naturally than when we type. This fact supports the concept of efficiency when using the majority of EHRs on the market today.

We hear from hundreds of Practice Managers during the year, that incomplete patient notes are one of the top bottlenecks in the billing cycle. When a physician doesn’t complete a patient note within the EHR, the billing team is simply unable to submit for reimbursement. More time is spent on the practice manager’s side tracking down the physician or clinician to complete the notes. Their busy schedules of in-office appointments, and hospital visits, keeps them moving. Wouldn’t it provide great value to your practice if there was a solution that provided high mobility for those physicians on the move? That is where we can help.

One of our solutions offers a cloud-based, AI-powered medical voice recognition, that is not only efficient, but provides a high-level of mobility for those physicians on the go. Incomplete patient notes will become a distant memory, when adding Nuance® Dragon Medical One into your practice’s workflow.

Let our team of solution specialists review your current medical office workflow and show you how you can benefit from the newest in AI-powered technology today. Make delayed billed nothing but a memory.

To learn more about this solution, or to start a FREE 7-Day trial of Dragon Medical One, please reach out to our Training and Support Team by calling 866-977-3324 or 877-272-8280 or email our Solutions team at today. Don't forget to ask us how you can recieve a free PowerMic III with your Dragon Medical purchase.


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