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More Speaking and Less Typing Leads To Higher Productivity for Busy Medical Practices

Computers Made Effective Partners With Medical Practice Managers To Increase Productivity

We already know we can speak much faster than we can type, up to 3x as fast, which can really make a difference when we consider all the necessary patient documentation that is required for just one patient medical record. Physicians and clinicians are under many tight time restrictions daily. Finding a solution that enables them to enter notes right into their EHR without the cumbersomeness of typing, will save them hours a week in patient documentation. Documentation that at times, does not get completed.

That is why so many practice managers we were able to engage with last week at MGMA in New Orleans, were looking for a way to reduce the stress of incomplete documentation. They are choosing to implement a voice recognition solution into their current office workflow. We were able to demo the latest in medical speech technology right inside of an EHR, and introduce them to one of our provided solutions, Nuance® Dragon Medical One.

Dragon Medical One is one of the most secure, and HIPAA-compliant cloud-based voice recognition solutions in the market today. The AI-powered technology behind the solution is almost 99% accurate, from the very first use. With the more the physician uses the solution, it learns how a physician speaks, and adapts to the way they talk, increasing it’s efficiency.

At the end of the day, efficiency plays a major part in the overall productivity of your medical practice. Our team at Computers Made Effective and 1st Dragon, partner with your medical practice, to help increase your efficiency within your chosen EHR. Contact our team of specialists today to review your workflow. 877.272.8280 or 866.977.3324


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