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Prioritizing the Patient’s Office Experience by Using AI-powered Solutions

We know how challenging it is to prioritize a true patient-centered experience with the many tasks you face as a busy medical practice on a daily basis. You are presented with many administrative challenges like operations, staffing, budgets, and the ever-increasing government requirements for patient documentation. As healthcare providers who want to ensure a high-quality patient care outcome, many obstacles stand in your way, so it’s even more crucial that you and your staff have access to the best in time-saving technology to help you prioritize your patient’s experience at your office. The practices that are taking a more patient-centered approach to the in-office experience (think check-in, waiting room, time with treating physician), are finding value in using technology to deliver and evaluate their care services.

A study conducted in July 2022, by the AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) showed that many of the care providers harness user experience surveys to guide what they do, instead of just measuring financial performance, demand, and return visits. You may believe that patient satisfaction and patient experience can be used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. To determine a good patient experience, you must find out from the patient whether something that should happen in a healthcare setting (such as clear communication with a provider) actually happened or how often it happened. Communication is key to any strong relationship. Satisfaction, on the other hand, is about whether a patient’s expectations about a health encounter were met. Two people can receive the exact same care, but may have vastly different experiences based on many factors. Are you asking your patients these kinds of questions? If not, how will you know whether their needs are being met and how you can prioritize their experience.

So, what are a few ways to use technology to prioritize your patient’s experience?

DIGITAL check-in - within your EHR

➔ Use your AI-powered EHR - to create clinical screening questions to reduce wait times, and ensure a HIPAA-compliant submission

➔ Let your patient’s experience the same modern enhancements and conveniences, similar to what they experience in other areas of their lives (booking a reservation, using their phone to check in for a flight)

Knowing and understanding how today’s technology can help you achieve a higher level of productivity should be a priority, as artificial intelligence (AI) is used in many of the high-functioning healthcare technology solutions used by medical professionals across the country. With the many enhancements and advances in today’s cloud-based technology, we recommend pairing your EHR with the best speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One (DMO). By utilizing AI technology and next‑level architecture, DMO surrounds you and your staff with much needed support, from pre‑charting through your post‑encounter patient documentation.

There are many benefits of improved point-of-care cloud-based workflows using AI-powered solutions:

● Physicians can spend more time on delivering care, further prioritizing the patient experience

● By using your voice (vs typing) you can save up to 2-hours a day on patient documentation (more time for office visits)

● Cloud-based solutions are highly mobile, making them a great productivity boost using the right suite of tools and devices

All of these items, and more, can help you prioritize your patient’s experience within your office environment. Follow us and consider registering for one of our upcoming webinars to keep ahead of today’s innovative tools and technology!

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