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Are you currently using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 or 4?

As your trusted source for all things Dragon Medical, we wanted to bring to your attention an announcement made by Nuance Communications regarding the sunsetting of their legacy box product, Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE). This announcement includes all versions of DMPE, including DMPE2 and DMPE4.  With the focused innovation that Nuance is placing on the AI-powered technology of cloud-based Dragon Medical One, no additional upgrades will be coming for the box software version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition.
DMPE End-of-Life FAQs
Dragon Medical Practice Edition Discontinued

Dragon Medical Practice Edition End-Of-Life Program

  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) discontinued in North America

  • DMPE will no longer be available for purchase after 3/31/2021

  • Maintenance and support contracts for DMPE will not be available for purchase or renewal after 3/31/2021

  • Support for DMPE will end on 3/31/2022*

​*The end of support means that Nuance and its Partners will be unable to prevent or resolve any security issues that may arise for DMPE. If clients choose to continue using DMPE without support, they will do so at their own risk; Nuance and its Partners will not be responsible for any security incidents, breaches, or other security failures. ​

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Curious About Migrating from DMPE to DMO?

Our August 25th webinar gave viewers the chance to see a comparison between DMPE and DMO and the benefits of moving to the CLOUD.

Click the image to view the webinar and see first-hand the efficiency and accuracy of cloud-based speech recognition during a live demonstration of Dragon Medical One.

Contact us to learn how simple it is to switch over to Dragon Medical One and avoid downtime in your clinical workflow now that Dragon Medical Practice Edition is sunsetted. Click here to discover more about the benefits of using Dragon Medical One.


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