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Clinical Speech Recognition DRAGON MEDICAL ONE
Optimize healthcare using the power of AI technology
Dragon Medical One is an innovative medical speech recognition cloud product that provides greater flexibility, enhanced mobility and AI learning capabilities. Fast, responsive, and highly accurate Dragon Medical One speech recognition can save up to 2 hours/day on patient documentation.
Move focus back to the patient, not the EHR.
Reduce physician burnout and create a better patient experience.


Turns any workstation into a dictation station and gives clinicians the freedom to dictate, edit and navigate the EHR using their smartphone as a secure wireless microphone. A flexible, scalable platform that works with virtual desktops to provide greater clinician mobility and consistent documentation capture at the hospital, clinic, and home.

Why cloud-based Dragon Medical?
Enhanced performance and flexibility with your EHR

Are you ready to try Dragon® Medical One for FREE?

Providers can choose to schedule a free trial of DMO at no cost or obligation to conduct their own proof of concept. We have streamlined the trial process to only take an hour or less to get set up and receive an abbreviated training.

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