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Optimize pediatric care using the power of AI technology.

Did you know you can trial Dragon Medical One with Office Practicum at no cost or obligation to conduct your own proof of concept?

Dragon Medical One (DMO) is an innovative medical speech recognition cloud product that provides greater flexibility, enhanced mobility and AI learning capabilities. Designed to improve care quality, patient experiences, and health system financial resilience while meaningfully addressing physician burnout, DMO provides a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience using Office Practicum regardless of your physical location.

Move focus back to the patient, not the EHR

Fast, responsive, & highly accurate Dragon Medical One speech recognition gives you the ability to speak freely and as much as you like, saving up to 2 hours per day on documentation. Providers use their voice to capture the patient story more naturally and efficiently, producing secure documentation up to 45% faster with 99% accuracy.

Reduce physician burnout and create a better patient experience.

Ranked #1 Best in KLAS: Software and Services Speech Recognition (Front-End EMR) for three consecutive years, Dragon Medical One earns praise from clinicians for helping them deliver and document better patient care.

Named 2021 Best in KLAS, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One is designed for speed, accuracy, and mobility, allowing for timely completion of patient narratives in your EHR.


Turn any workstation into a dictation station and give clinicians the freedom to dictate, edit and navigate the EHR using their smartphone as a secure wireless microphone. The PowerMic Mobile App is a flexible, scalable platform that works with virtual desktops to provide greater clinician mobility and consistent documentation capture at the hospital, clinic, and home.

Are you still using our legacy version Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE)?

This software is no longer supported and as a result, you may be noticing issues such as lagging, degradation in speed and accuracy, increased errors, and corrupt voice profiles.

Switching is easy. Upgrade to Dragon Medical One and our team of experts will move your commands and templates over so you can be up and running in no time.

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