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CGM APRIMA Users Escalate Practice Productivity Goals with AI-Powered Speech Recognition

As CGM APRIMA users, your practice has already taken the next steps to increase efficiency. You have realized the flexibility to set up for each provider has been proven to simplify workflows without hindering your ability to treat patients. CGM APRIMA is one of the innovations that helps you, as a provider, simplify your workflow and anticipate treatment plans.

Your goals to become a more efficient plan-based care practice can be made even easier when pairing CGM APRIMA with our #1 recommended speech recognition solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO). DMO is powered with artificial intelligence (AI) so it uses your own natural voice to document the captured relevant data from your patient visits, directly into your CGM APRIMA EHR. The adaptive learning recognizes what is being captured in a patient’s chart and anticipates the likely next steps. The more you document and treat your patients, the more accurate the DMO solution becomes, making the DMO and CGM APRIMA pairing a smart fit for your goals.

CGM APRIMA’s intelligent navigation works to avoid cumbersome approaches that prevent eye contact with the patient, and DMO leverages the power behind using your own voice to document without excessive typing.

Pairing CGM Aprima with Dragon Medical One (DMO) to increase productivity is a SMART Goal:

  • As a paired cloud-based solution you can access your CGM Aprima EHR and DMO remotely to stay productive within or outside your office

  • AI technology can help improve overall patient care by streamlining, and collecting critical patient data

  • Develop “shortcuts” or commands within the DMO solution that can create messages to your staff, your patients and other consulting physicians

  • Creates a more efficient and hands-on approach to patient visits and ensuing documentation by displaying relevant information within the EHR solution using DMO to document by your own voice

As an example: when your ambulatory clinicians are with a patient, they speak a few short phrases or words while using Dragon Medical One speech recognition (with a paired compatible microphone device) — those phrases convert to a full block of text automatically based on what template you are using. Shortcuts with DMO are highly valuable, and save time when using common treatment plans, for tracking medications, and other common health ailments found during general health or sick visits.

Additional efficiencies are expanded when using the CGM Aprima and DMO paired solution.

Produce documentation up to 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content

Processing HIPAA compliant and secure information seamlessly and directly into your CGM Aprima EHR

➔ Document a RICHER and complete note with immediate front and back-end dictation, making it easier and faster to submit for timely insurance reimbursement

If you are looking for more information on our solutions and AI-powered tools, please reach out to our Solution Specialists who can start you with a FREE 7-day Trial of Dragon Medical One, ranked #1 Best in KLAS for 2021, 2022, and again in 2023! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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