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How Physicians are Using AI to Improve Data Driven Documentation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is a powerful tool helping to drive today's healthcare solutions towards a renaissance in better patient care. With the last few years of healthcare challenges, finding ways to stay productive, provide high-quality patient care, collect good data, and save costs have become priorities in most medical practices.

According to a February 2022 study by the AMA, many physician practice leaders commented on "how difficult it is to collect and analyze patient data or manage their high-risk patients" without additional resources. Leveraging a speech recognition solution that is powered by AI becomes a key component in providing that quality patient experience with an agreeable outcome.

Documentation solutions that use AI technology, particularly those focused on speech recognition, can increase the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of your chosen EHR system. By analyzing historical patient data (documentation from previous visits), AI can help improve your clinical and non-clinical decision making, and even reduce the volume of repetitive administrative tasks that can lead to burnout among healthcare professionals.

We recommend the #1 Best in KLAS medical speech recognition solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO) which uses the natural cadence of your own spoken voice to document your patient visit right at the point-of-care AND in less time without the need for excessive typing. When implemented into your clinical workflow, AI-powered Dragon Medical One can save your practice hundreds of hours in patient documentation - on average 40 hours per month, per physician.

DMO is powered by advances in the cloud and cognitive computing, while pushing for unprecedented accuracy through breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and deep learning.

How does an AI-POWERED solution benefit you, your practice, and your patients?

  • It uses the structured data, pulled from your patient visit, and adds it directly into your EHR for a seamless documentation process

  • Using just your own voice, users are able to capture 20% more complete and accurate clinical documentation up to 3x faster than typing

  • With more accurate data, you can diagnose and treat your patients faster and more efficiently

With Dragon Medical One, you can be assured its next‑level architecture and capabilities support you and your physicians, from pre‑charting through post‑encounter documentation. As a result of using DMO, many healthcare organizations are enjoying far higher productivity and satisfaction, superior performance against benchmarks, improvements to reimbursement workflows and, most important, better clinical outcomes for their patients.

Reach out to our team of specialists today. They have logged thousands of hours helping small independent medical practices like yours become more efficient using today's most advanced productivity solutions. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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