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How to Add Vocabulary to Dragon Medical

When you are dictating with dragon, are there words that come out incorrectly? Have you used our vocabulary function to fix this issue? By using our vocabulary feature, you will ensure that the correct form of the word is dictated correctly.

First, start out by dictating a sentence that may contain a word that you know dragon seems to get incorrect. Once this is done, this is where our vocabulary feature comes in to play. Into the microphone select the word that is incorrect, and then say, “add that to vocabulary.” This will open another window where you type out the correct form. So when the word is correct, you are now able to dictate the new word or intended word, over the original incorrect word, and it should replace it with what you just added to the library a moment ago.

Note: When replacing incorrect words in your dictation, make sure that its highlighted or selected before you dictate over it.

If you need any assistance with your vocabulary, or training words in dragon give our support team a call at 813-962-3829 or email them at and they will gladly assist.


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