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Increase the Accuracy of Your Patient Notes with Speech Recognition

Recent advances in artificial technology (AI) are being used within the healthcare industry and implemented across various platforms, including most EHRs. When you pair your current EHR with a speech recognition solution, it can help predict patterns by using your voice, helping you to create more accurate documentation the more you use the solution.

Medical speech recognition is the use of computer software to translate speech into text within the healthcare space, and it is a highly efficient way of documenting information. All you have to do is speak, and the software instantly converts your words into text to transcribe at a fast rate. This solution may be paired with a device, like a microphone or smartphone, that translates sound waves, using your specific voice pattern, where your dictation is corroborated with a database of words, phrases, and sentences previously used. In the case of healthcare, this means using a database consisting of medical terms and phrases often used, so when you use this medical terminology, the speech recognition solution can be easily picked up.

Outside of the voice patterns, AI-technology includes listening for a consistent data stream across previous patient documents. Adding a speech recognition solution to your current clinical workflow that includes AI-powered technology, like Nuance® Dragon® Medical One, will help you optimize the patient note process and enter a more rich and accurate patient note in your EHR. Rather than spending hours typing notes in the EHR, you use the power of your own natural voice to speak directly into the patient note template, decreasing the amount of time spent documenting patient encounters. Less documentation means more one-on-one time with your patient.

AI and deep learning (DL) technology have advanced over the last decade. A device with deep learning capabilities can process data and create specific patterns that help us create accurate documents and save valuable time. Dragon® Medical One (DMO) uses these technological advances along with cloud-based storage and HITRUST CSF-certified delivery platform to help physicians create more accurate patient notes. You and your team can save time and make changes to a patient record right at the point-of-care, whether in a treatment room, at your desk, via a tele-health visit, or while using your mobile device paired with the PowerMic Mobile app.

Using the DMO speech recognition can help you create more accurate patient notes, and work seamlessly with your current EHR, benefitting you AND your patients in a variety of ways:

Remove Language Barriers - Speech recognition can work across a variety of languages, meaning that it can be highly effective and learns the more you use it.

Better Patient Connections - Speech recognition allows for physicians to be more hands-free, to focus on patient care and be even more connected during face-to-face office visits

Accurate Documentation and Diagnosis - The software used in speech recognition is highly accurate right from the first note and accuracy is increased the more you use the solution. It can also transcribe in real-time, which ensures that nothing is missed and errors can be reduced significantly

These are just a few examples of the benefits of using a speech solution to document using your voice. You and your staff will notice other time-savings as you implement DMO into the right place in your clinical workflow.

Accuracy matters and creating inaccurate or incomplete patient notes hinders diagnoses and can impact overall long-term outcomes. Ensuring your patient records are complete also helps with timely insurance submission and a faster reimbursement cycle. That alone can have a positive effect on your overall practice revenue.

Reach out to our team of Speech Recognition Solution Specialists to learn more about our products and how they can have a positive impact on your overall productivity. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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