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Neurology Specialists Gaining Valuable Patient Insights Using DAX™ Copilot and Nuance® Dragon® Medical One

Specialty physicians and clinicians, like those that focus on neurology, have critical care notes that need to be documented throughout the entire patient journey to receive a positive outcome. Neurologists that are using genAI tools, like those included with Dragon Medical One (DMO) and the recently launched DAX Copilot, have the potential to significantly reduce the administrative burden of clinical note-taking and other medical documentation tasks. Today’s EHRs pair seamlessly with the solution and drop the documented content directly into the patient’s medical record. This process has helped increase the transfer of patient information greatly.

Neurology specialists create millions of rich comprehensive notes that need to be captured in real-time, right at the point of care. Having the ability to allow that documentation flow directly into your chosen EHR is key for a rich patient note, leading to a more positive outcome. Dragon Medical One has provided you with the ability to speak freely, and naturally, while documenting directly into your EHR, saving up to 2 hours per day on your patient documentation. NOW those time savings translate to hundreds of hours per month within your neurology practice using DAX and DMO.

Why Add AI Technology Into Your Neurology Workflow?

●      DAX's automation helps to drive operational efficiencies in clinical documentation and administrative tasks, thereby reducing the burden on healthcare professionals

●      DAX captures multiparty conversations in real-time, allowing clinicians to reduce screen time and more fully engage with patients while documenting the discussion through a mobile app

●      The platform automatically generates specialty-specific clinical documentation summaries from these conversations, which are then delivered to the application or Dragon Medical One desktop for clinician review and editing

●      DAX and DMO help you document via your voice 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content - saving an overall average of 2 hours per day

Your physicians can get and stay productive from virtually anywhere - and capture up to 45% more relevant content up to three-times faster than typing the same note. The built-in terminology specific to physicians specializing in neurological disorders involving the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles is beneficial in ensuring a more accurate patient note using front and backend dictation.


DAX and DMO is amplified by the unmatched power and scale of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, which combines Nuance’s proven conversational and ambient AI with the newest and most capable generative AI. It has earned praise from thousands of clinicians as the top conversational AI speech recognition solution that is helping them deliver & document better patient care. When you add DMO and DAX into the right place in your clinical workflow, the AI powered solution is able to ambiently pull details from the patient’s nerve conduction studies, and other testing procedures such as EMG, EEG, VNS, or DBS, to create a more comprehensive journey (that is documented in the background) and added to your EHR automatically.


Let us help you improve your practice productivity and see a better ROI from your EHR with Dragon Medical One and DAX Copilot. Please reach out to schedule a FREE Trial of Dragon Medical One, named #1 Best in KLAS speech recognition for FOUR consecutive years (2021-2024). | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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