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Nuance® Dragon® Medical One and DAX™ Copilot Infusing Intelligence and Efficiency Into Your Practice

Providing a quality patient encounter is the goal for every physician, and creating an expansive and accurate patient history is part of the process. So much of your time is spent documenting those ever-increasing patient encounters, so finding and using the latest technology to make the process more streamlined is critical. AI has found its place at the heart of the patient experience, both in the hospital setting, and in the exam room. For our clients that have been using the #1 Best in KLAS front-end speech recognition solution (for four years running) Dragon Medical One (DMO), they know it has the AI-power to accomplish a higher quality patient summary. With its next‑level voice capabilities it can aid, assist, and advise clinicians with documentation.

Clinicians create millions of rich notes every year, captured in real-time, right at the point of care that flows directly into your chosen EHR. Dragon Medical One gives you that ability to speak freely, and naturally, while documenting directly into your EHR, saving up to 2 hours per day on your patient documentation. Those time savings translate to hundreds of hours per month within your practice. Your clinicians can get and stay productive from virtually anywhere - and capture up to 45% more relevant content up to three-times faster than typing the same note. Impressive, but be prepared for the next level of operational efficiency, as your productivity is about to hit the ceiling with the addition of DAX Copilot. Paired with Dragon Medical One, DAX Copilot infuses conversational, ambient, and generative AI to automate your entire patient documentation process.

DAX Copilot’s ambient intelligence works directly with your Dragon Medical One solution to allow a stronger patient/physician connection as human beings. This connection has many benefits with saving time, improving the patient experience, and eliminating the need for after-hours work being just a few. The ambient solution automatically creates clinical documentation from your patient visits and delivers it within seconds to your EHR. DAX Copilot acts as your personal AI assistant to automate all of your clinical documentation.

The solution is easy to use:

➔    Open up a SECURE smartphone app or EHR mobile app

➔    Speak naturally during your patient encounter

➔    DAX Copilot captures the COMPLETE patient story (with multi-party conversations) in the background

➔    Your documentation is created, as a structured and specialty-specific summary

➔    The summary is ready for immediate reviewing (created in just a few seconds) and editing within the EHR or app

As DAX Copilot and DMO work in tandem to complete the patient documentation journey by capturing the complete patient story in just a few seconds, you can experience many benefits. Benefits will reach across your patient exam room, clinic environment, and can even start right in your own waiting room.

Benefits of the DAX Copilot and DMO Experience

➔    Create Appointments that actually run on time

➔    Focus on Your Patient as DAX captures the notes from the exam automatically

➔    Personalize your AI-generated content

➔    Enjoy More FREE Time after your office hours to spend however you choose

Quality interactions like those created by pairing DMO with DAX Copilot, produce a more comprehensive historical record that leads to a better overall patient outcome. The entire process is improved to help physicians build a stronger and more efficient communication process with their patients.


Look for our upcoming DAX Copilot series where we highlight how the pairing with Dragon Medical One can help specialty practices enhance patient outcomes.


Interested in learning more? Contact our team of solution specialists to schedule a FREE Trial of Dragon Medical One and DAX Copilot, named #1 Best in KLAS speech recognition for FOUR consecutive years (2021-2024). | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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