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Nuance® Dragon® Medical One and Your EHR: Seamless Cloud-Based Compatibility

Updated: May 30, 2023

As a practice manager or physician, you may be responsible for finding solutions that increase overall office productivity. Finding tools that work well together is valuable when your practice is looking to be more efficient. Saving time becomes a key component in that increased productivity goal, but time is a commodity that can’t be increased…or can it? Consider your patient and office documentation requirements; they require a significant time allotment for you and your physicians, up to 20 hours for an average work week. Typing patient notes, treatment plans, and entering narrative into your EHR is a daily time-consuming task.

Even with customized EHR templates, your physicians are still spending a significant amount of time typing patient documentation, up to 50% of their work week. We have a way to save up to 2 hours for every hour of documentation that would allow you the following: additional hours, increased time, more productivity, the ability to have more in-depth patient visits, see extra patients, and to have an actual 40 hour work week with no Saturday morning catch-up-with-all-my-documentation days.

There is a solution that has been helping busy medical practices for several years: medical speech recognition. By using your voice to document your patient encounters with a medical speech recognition solution, you can save an average of 2 hours for every hour of typing notes, as we can speak up to 45% faster than we type. With all the advances in technology, specifically in cloud-based, AI-powered technology, the speech recognition of today is much more efficient than ever before.

Dragon Medical One is the most physician recommended, HITRUST CSF Certified speech recognition solution for small to mid-size medical practices. Once installed, your team can create a single-user voice profile and be up and running creating rich narrative in minutes. That voice profile is accessible across your clinical workflows, Windows® based computers, devices, and apps, for a true seamless and compatible experience.

Some of the key benefits in using Dragon Medical One with your EHR are:

➢ Customized workflow with your EHR

➢ More natural and efficient narrative with 99% accuracy on first use

➢ Single cloud-based voice profile for consistency across all platforms and devices

➢ Increased mobility with recommended PowerMic microphone and PowerMic Mobile app

➢ Automatic updates via the cloud saves on IT costs

➢ Secure HIPAA compliant documentation with 256-bit encryption channels and TLS protocols

➢ Real-time speech-to-text into EHR eliminates transcription costs

➢ Track office productivity and efficiency using the built-in analytics portal

➢ Complete patient notes faster and submit quicker for timely insurance reimbursements

Dragon Medical One is the leading cloud-based, HITRUST CSF-certified, AI-powered speech recognition solution for use with any Windows® based workstation, laptop or device. Reach out to one of our specialists to learn more about how to get started using Dragon Medical One with your EHR and don’t forget to ask about our 7-day FREE Trial! | 877-272-8280 | 866-977-3324


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