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Orthopaedic Physicians Gain Valuable Time Benefits When Implementing Nuance® Dragon® Medical One

Adding Dragon Medical One into your practice’s clinical workflow can help you gain valuable hours back in your workday - up to 2 hours for every hour you document. The technology advancements leveraged by Artificial Intelligence (AI), are being utilized in healthcare productivity tools, like Dragon Medical One, an industry-disrupting speech recognition solution by conversational design experts, Nuance Communications. Physicians that use the customizable, cloud-based, clinical speech recognition solution, for documentation, are yielding significant time-saving benefits, specifically in the medical specialty vertical of Orthopaedics.

With the additional documentation needs for specialty practices, adding this speech recognition dictation solution can help your Orthopaedic practice benefit in a variety of time-saving ways.

Single-user Cloud-based Voice Profile - your team can be up and documenting right into your chosen EHR within minutes of initial installation, no additional profile training needed, saving your staff hours of unnecessary voice profile training

Accuracy - 99% accuracy is achieved right from the first use, as accent adjustments and microphone calibration occur automatically - saving time on prior manual adjustments

Speaking Not Typing - saves you up to 2 hours for every hour you used to document by typing - we speak 45% faster than we type, saving you hours a week just in this one task alone

Elimination of Delayed Transcription Reports - no need to wait for your transcription reports of your patient documentation, as you use your voice to speak and document directly into your EHR - a huge time saving (and financial) benefit.

All these time saving benefits can translate to additional revenue, as it frees up valuable time that can be used in other areas of your practice. Reach out to our experienced team of speech solution specialists today, and schedule your demo of our AI-powered productivity tools to assist you in saving more time in your day! or 877-272-8280 or 866-977-3324


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