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Pediatric Practices Capturing More Relevant Data During Patient Visits with DAX Copilot and Nuance® Dragon® Medical One

So much is happening in today’s pediatric space, and as pediatric focused medical professionals, you have access to the latest in healthcare technology to help you navigate the ever-changing space. New pediatric case studies, enhanced treatment methods, and better mental health awareness will help strengthen your practice and others across the country. For those attending OP Engage this year in Las Vegas, we know there will be many breakout sessions with a truer hands-on experience at their core, and a greater focus on leading through those inevitable changes in staffing, government guidelines, and insurance requirements.

Finding ways to adapt to new technology within your current workflow is always a challenge, but with the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), we know it is worth pursuing. When medical practices make the decision to integrate AI into their EHR workflow, extreme potential exists for improving outcomes drastically. That is why our team is excited to introduce all Office Practicum EHR users at this year’s User Conference to the most recent addition to the generative AI toolbox for pediatric offices, DAX Copilot.

We are seeing impacts on medical documentation by continuing to transform pediatric patient outcomes with the addition and smart use of integrative technology (med-tech), such as AI-driven ambient clinical intelligence (ACI), (conversational AI, ambient AI and now generative AI) is becoming a natural part of modern medicine. AI technology is being used to improve disease diagnosis, selecting the correct course of treatment, and examining clinical laboratory tests. Today’s AI solutions can leverage large sets of data, and identify certain patterns used to improve human performance in many areas of healthcare.

One of the most highly anticipated AI solutions was launched earlier this year, DAX Copilot, which pairs with Dragon® Medical One (DMO) to enhance practice productivity. It works to help identify patient patterns during multi-conversations that take place in the exam room.

Your pediatric staff needs to execute no other function, and the time savings with hands-on documentation are greatly increased. You and your staff can then focus on more pediatric patient-related tasks or enjoy more life-balancing activities. With its next‑level architecture, it surrounds you and your staff with much needed support, from pre‑charting through your post‑encounter patient documentation.

DAX Copilot:

●      Records the patient encounter in the exam room

●      Takes the clinically relevant parts of the patient visit

●      Creates a note within seconds that is

●      Delivered directly into your EHR

It does NOT require an interface with your EHR and can be set up with a brief training session so you can conduct your own proof of concept.

A few of the benefits of using DAX Copilot and DMO within your OP EHR:

➢   OFFERS Limitless Productivity – giving the Office Practicum user the ability to speak freely and as much as they like with NO per-device limits keeping clinicians highly productive

➢   HIGHLY Scalable – DAX and DMO paired with your OP EHR is a highly scalable solution allowing your pediatric organization to grow with a web-based central management system you control

➢   OFFERS Budget-Friendly Pricing – with a cloud-based and affordable subscription-based model so there’s little up-front capital investment for your practice

➢   iOS and Smartphone Compatible – with the Smartphone Compatible App available via the App Store and IOS, simplify the documentation process for your busy pediatricians

DAX and DMO is truly revolutionizing the practice of personalized pediatric medicine, allowing for optimization in a wide range of areas: prescription management, infant, adolescent, and teen health management, providing that virtual health “assistant” to support better mental health care, and ensuring a stronger bond with the patient. By using the paired solution, it can be used for all OP charting needs – by using just your voice. The integrated solution surrounds your care teams with the highest AI-powered quality, while reducing your time documenting.


As a resource for your pediatric focused practice, our team of experienced cloud solution strategists are ready to answer your question on how you can reach your productivity goals with today’s MedTech tools. If you’d like to schedule a one-on-one session with one of our onsite Solution Specialists, please click here to book that session!


Not attending OP engage? Then please reach out to schedule a FREE Trial of Dragon Medical One and DAX, named #1 Best in KLAS speech recognition for FOUR consecutive years (2021-2024). | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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