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Perfect Practice Alignment is Possible with Your EHR and Nuance ® Dragon Medical One

Helping Orthopaedic Practice Managers Achieve

Perfect Practice Alignment with Medical Speech Recognition

Orthopaedic practices typically see dozens of patients a day, upwards of 50 patients is typical in most busy practices. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce the amount of time each physician spends documenting those 50 patient visits, while still maintaining a high-level of accuracy and information in their documentation? What would it be worth to your practice to shave off up to 2 hours a day working within your EHR? Interested in a solution that provides a consistent and completely personal documentation experience across your practice’s workflow - by just using your voice? Skeptical? Let’s see what you think after you read a bit more about our #1 best-selling speech recognition solution.

Nuance ® Dragon ® Medical One, is a cloud-based and AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered medical speech recognition solution, that uses deep learning, specifically developed to help physicians and clinicians with a more personalized and consistent documentation experience across many devices, solutions, apps, and platforms - and regardless of their physical location. After the initial implementation, and with limited IT resources, your team can be up and running in minutes, and using the solution to access your clinical workflows.

Physicians who have deployed Dragon Medical One into their practice’s workflows, have seen significant time savings (up to 2 hours a day) when it comes to patient documentation, one of the biggest time-consuming tasks in a physician’s day. That extra time saved can translate to multiple other opportunities, such as seeing more patients, spending more time with each patient encounter, and even getting home earlier each day.

The portability of Dragon Medical One is a key driving feature for busy Orthopaedic clinics and small to medium practices. The solution can provide a secure, accurate and highly mobile solution, that can be accessed across a wide range of Windows ® based devices, and within most leading EHRs. When paired with a compatible microphone, such as the PowerMic Mobile, clinicians can extend the mobility and use their smartphone to dictate patient notes, and treatment plans right into their chosen EHR. This additional mobility extends the capture of important clinical notes.

Reach out to our Solutions Team today or meet us at one of our Upcoming Events for a first-hand demonstration of one of our time saving productivity tools, designed to get and keep your Orthopaedic practice in perfect alignment. | 877.272.8280 or 866.977.3324


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