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Supercharge Your Medical Office Communication in 2020 with Secure Patient Messaging

As busy medical offices move into a new year, one of the areas that bears significant weight in reviewing how productive your practice has been in 2019, is your office communication pathways. We know workflows, staffing duties, budget and EHR usage vary based on practice specialty and overall staffing in small to mid-sized private practices. Our goal here at Computers Made Effective, is to assist your practice in finding ways to be more productive in your office communication. We do this by consistently researching the healthcare technology industry and looking for tools that make the most of the resources you currently have in place. Then we review your clinical workflows to see where we can introduce those tools to help you increase office productivity.

This year, we have introduced a physician and patient focused platform that is yielding great results, and helping busy medical practices communicate more effectively with their patients. IM Your Doc, is a HIPAA Compliant, Real-Time Mobile Messaging, Voice And Video Platform. This platform has been disrupting healthcare communication by providing fast, easy and most importantly, secure messaging.

Practices that have implemented this solution are seeing benefits in several areas such as:

Better inter-office communication

○ Secure interoffice “read messages” ensure each staff member is kept informed of important office items

Higher patient satisfaction

○ Using the secure messaging platform allows physicians and staff to communicate easily with patients on follow-up care, appointments and billing issues

Staff to Physician communication

○ Your office staff can communicate with physicians between appointments, or on-the-go between office and hospital

These are just a few of the ways your busy medical office can benefit from the secure messaging platform, IM Your Doc.

Interested in seeing how this solution can help your medical practice? Contact our Solutions team today to schedule your live demo and be on your way to better office communication in 2020!


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