Using Medical Speech Recognition for Faster Insurance Reimbursement

Steady, consistent revenue is what every business relies on, and your medical practice is no different. Delays in payments from insurance providers can be costly and undermine the overall goals of your practice.

We know that...

  • Your physicians can easily spend more than 20 hours per week creating patient documentation, that’s 50% of their day spent inside an EHR.

  • Accurate and timely documentation of a patient’s visit is critical to communicate effectively with other care professionals and ensure a smooth coordination of care.

A rich and robust patient note within your chosen EHR is essential for timely insurance reimbursement, which keeps your practice running productively. That is why hundreds of thousands of physicians find using a speech recognition solution a smart time saving strategy as we can speak 3x as fast as we can type.

With the ease of speaking your treatment plans into your EHR, a physician can easily provide details of a patient's history or a more fully-customized plan of action. More detailed and accurate notes inside the EHR using front-end speech recognition, helps the communication stream of information flow from your practice to the insurance company. It also ensures the continuity of patient care by allowing other healthcare providers access to valuable information. To attain a faster insurance reimbursement, more detailed notes must be provided inside the patient’s medical record. All diagnoses and procedures start with the physician’s patient note, which must be recorded accurately for compliance.

To sum it up, using the power of your own natural voice while leveraging a front-end speech recognition solution, like cloud-based Dragon Medical One, is shown to:

  • Save up to 2 hours a day in documentation tasks, giving you more time to spend quality time with your patients