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The EHR & RCM Transforming Addiction Treatment Centers

AZZLY’s Electronic Health Record and Revenue Cycle Management Software for Addiction Treatment Professionals exists to optimize your outreach, intake, admissions, clinical, medication management, and billing process.

2021 Best in KLAS Nuance® Dragon® Medical One Pairs with AZZLY Rize® to Improve Patient Documentation Productivity for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Professionals. See first-hand the efficiency and accuracy of cloud-based speech recognition during a live demo of Dragon Medical One working seamlessly with AZZLY Rize.

AZZLY Rize® users are offered AI-Powered medical speech recognition and industry-disrupting solutions to streamline clinical workflows. Dragon® Medical One can be installed on any Windows-based clinical workstation or laptop. Once installed, you simply open the application from the Windows Start menu, place the cursor where you want the speech-recognized text to appear, and start dictating into AZZLY Rize®.

Finding a solution that allows you to use your documentation time more efficiently is key to increased practice productivity outcomes. Industry leading speech recognition Dragon Medical One is specifically designed to translate your voice into a rich narrative that works seamlessly with AZZLY Rize®.

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Clinical Speech Recognition DRAGON MEDICAL ONE
Optimize healthcare using the power of AI technology
Dragon Medical One is an innovative medical speech recognition cloud product that provides greater flexibility, enhanced mobility and AI learning capabilities. Fast, responsive, and highly accurate Dragon Medical One speech recognition can save up to 2 hours/day on patient documentation. Move focus back to the patient, not the EHR.
Reduce physician burnout and create a better patient experience.
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Turns any workstation into a dictation station and gives clinicians the freedom to dictate, edit and navigate the EHR using their smartphone as a secure wireless microphone. A flexible, scalable platform that works with virtual desktops to provide greater clinician mobility and consistent documentation capture at the hospital, clinic, and home.

Why cloud-based Dragon Medical?
Enhanced performance and flexibility with AZZLY Rize