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1st-Dragon and CME Now Offer a New Super User Feature

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Introducing A Brand New Customization Feature To Nuance® Dragon Medical One

We connect with our physician clients on a regular basis, and we truly listen to what they have to say. Some of the concerns our clients have expressed are the amount of time spent dictating patient notes in their chosen EHR, how they really wanted to make more efficient use of their chosen EHR, and the lack of time in their week to complete these tasks.

Many physicians and clinicians we hear from still use dictation in their practices, which needs transcription, and in many cases, delays the necessary updates to their EHR. Other risks are also associated with those delays, so finding a better solution becomes necessary. physicians are more often searching for a solution that enables them to dictate right into their EHR to enter patient data, and enter specific treatment plans, and document prescriptions. Customizing their EHR is high on their list of “asks”, as they are spending several hours a day typing those patient notes on each encounter.

At 1st-Dragon/ CME we can help our clients by providing a solution that we can customize, and that allows them to dictate right into that health record, fast and efficiently. That solution is medical speech recognition, and the result of these physician conversations has our Training and Support team now offering a “Super User Customization Feature” for use with our cloud-based speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One.

This new feature, offered exclusively within the Dragon Medical One solution, allows physicians to become a “super-user” within their own practice’s EHR platform. A few of the features that are included in this newest offering are:

  • Import of specialty-specific auto text commands

  • Specialized command distribution to ALL profile users

  • Microphone button customization

  • Navigational short-cut development (EHR specific)*

  • Common trouble-shooting and/or resolution training with a CME Support Staff member**

  • Complete follow-up training packet with step-by-step review

These features offer a true customized speech recognition solution, which ensures each physician is making the best use of their chosen EHR, and helps them to become that “super user”.

To learn more about our newest feature, or to start a FREE 7-Day trial of Dragon Medical One, please reach out to our Training and Support Team at or give us a call 866-977-3324 or 877-272-8280

*Practice will need to obtain a list of current “hotkeys” from their EHR IT contact

**(1) One-hour online session (which can be conducted either with a representative of the practice, or in a virtual classroom environment


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