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1st-Dragon/CME Supporting Pediatric Practices at the PMI Conference

When you work with Pediatrics, some of your most vulnerable patients, you need to be focused and fortified with the right combination of human and technology resources to provide quality care. Our 1st-Dragon/CME team makes it our focus to work with Healthcare management professionals across the country to help them support their clinicians and physicians. We are all involved in the most vast and critical networked industry with the same goal - positive health outcomes.

One way we support our clients is by attending industry specific conferences where we can demo and showcase our recommended devices, and AI solutions like our highly rated and #1 Best in KLAS front end speech recognition solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One. Whether we interact in person or virtually with our clinician and medical clients, our goal is to help them be more efficient and productive using their current EHRs by introducing the most up-to-date speech recognition technology available in today’s market.

The need to get the most relevant content from their limited patient interactions (in the office or via telephone-visits) is where medical AI-powered speech recognition can be extremely productive. By speaking and using your natural voice (vs endless typing) you can document patient encounters up to 3x faster and can save each of your staff up to 2 hours a day in document creation. Now pediatric clinicians can expand the amount of time they spend actually treating their important patients.

The powerful technology behind Dragon Medical One’s cloud-based solution truly gives the busy clinician the necessary power to be more productive. With an easy initial install which does not require expensive IT resources, and a single user profile setup, a clinician can be up and running, documenting patient encounters almost immediately. Continued use will make the solution even more accurate as it “learns” the way you speak, and your pediatric physicians and staff will benefit greatly from time and financial resource savings like:

Budget-friendly monthly subscription model making for a predictable expense, that will pay for itself at every use

Automatic updates in the cloud makes best use of your limited IT resources in your clinic without IT vendor costs and fees

As we connect with our current and many new Pediatric Practice Management professionals at the conference next week, we look forward to introducing you to the most advanced productivity solutions, and companion tools and equipment to keep you connected to your patients. Our team of certified solution specialists stand ready to help you focus on the best benefits for your Clinic using cloud-based Dragon Medical One! Reach out today - and be sure to ask about our 7-day TRIAL of the 2022 Awarding Winning #1 Best in KLAS solution. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

Headed to Houston, Texas for the in-person PMI event?

Schedule an onsite meeting with our Solution Specialists in advance or visit us at Booth C-27 during the event.

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