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Achieve Higher Practice Productivity Using Medical Speech Recognition During Covid-19 and Beyond

Every medical office across the country continues to deal with a wide swath of fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic. From cancelled office appointments, virtual patient visits, inter-office communication and even keeping updated on state and county mask mandates, we are consuming and transmitting so much information that we are in a constant whirlwind day to day. So how can you ensure your office stays focused and in a high state of productivity during this pandemic? A good place to start would be to streamline your clinical workflow by implementing a speech recognition solution.

Offices that have implemented speech recognition such as our recommended solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One, are seeing a more focused and streamlined workflow that is helping their office stay in a state of high productivity. By adding a speech recognition solution and focusing on improving the efficiencies within your chosen EHR (Electronic Health Record), medical practices will see an organic measurable growth in their overall office productivity - specifically as it relates to time savings. The voice to text solution allows physicians to document 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content, as we can speak 3x faster than typing, saving on average up to 2 hours a day on patient documentation.

The setup for Dragon Medical One is easy, with a single voice profile for a seamless, consistent, and personalized experience across a variety of back-end, front-end, on-premise, and cloud-based speech solutions. The ease of voice to text documentation allows clinicians to seamlessly work between desktops, their mobile phone, and other Windows-based devices - no matter where they are.

A few other key higher productivity results come from:

Complete Patient Note - physicians can complete the patient note while conducting a virtual telehealth visit or in-office visit with no back-end transcription needed

Practice Revenue - a more complete patient note can be submitted almost immediately from your EHR, resulting in faster insurance reimbursements

No More Deciphering Physicians Handwritten Notes - using speech recognition saves your practice the time-consuming task of reading your physician's handwriting, because the doctor speaks directly into the EHR

High Level of Accuracy - the solution is 99% accurate with the first use and increases accuracy over time with each use, which results in a more precise patient note for insurance submission

Cloud-based and HIPAA Compliant - similar to your EHR, Dragon Medical One leverages Microsoft ® Azure and their secure and reliable infrastructure to send and receive HIPAA compliant data

Reach out to our team of solutions specialists today - they can review your current clinical workflow and see where to best implement our recommended speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One. | 866-977-3324 or 877-272-8280


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