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Advantages Of Using Cloud-Based AI Powered Technology in Ambulatory Healthcare

Physicians are positioned for higher productivity within their chosen EHR using cloud-based technology in their medical practices

As physicians and clinicians continue to adapt to the advances in healthcare technology, the search for solutions to assist them be more productive using their EHR is a tougher task. Productivity has become a key component as it relates to their EHR usage, as most physicians try to balance quality patient care with the amount of patient documentation required.

The advances in healthcare technology have been significant over the last decade. More recently, medical technology has advanced at an increasingly rapid pace due to the addition of AI (artificial intelligence). While there is much chatter surrounding AI technology, we cannot ignore the fact that it is having a very positive impact on the quality of human healthcare.

While there are many cloud-based solutions in the market, there are very few specifically built for use in the medical space, and even fewer with the capabilities to meet the stringent HIPAA compliant guidelines for patient documentation. It is relatively easy to see how cloud-based solutions are positioned to come to the forefront of their search, but a solution that checks off all the boxes has not been available until recently. The launch of Nuance® Dragon Medical One in early 2016 changed the landscape and paved the way for additional advances in medical speech recognition.

So you may wonder how the ambulatory healthcare can benefit from this technology to assist with physician productivity – the answer is by implementing AI powered, cloud-based speech recognition into your workflow. There are many advantages of using cloud-based, AI technology in your medical practice. We highlight a few of those advantages below.

  • Cloud-based means portability – physicians and clinicians can access their profile across a wide range of Windows® devices and use within all leading EHRs *Productivity alert(Pairing with PowerMic Mobile enhances mobility)

  • Built-in Productivity – many productivity tools are already built into the solution to access speech-enabled workflows

  • Secure and HIPAA compliant – Dragon Medical One is HITRUST CSF certified supporting HIPAA requirements for patient security and confidentiality.

  • You can get your clinicians up and running very quickly with Dragon Medical One, and start down the pathway to higher productivity that lead to higher physician satisfaction using your EHR.

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