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AI-Powered Clinical Speech Recognition Assists Medical Managers Attain Excellence in Their Practices

Practice managers looking to achieve a pinnacle of excellence in their medical practices need everyone on their team onboard to deliver a high-quality patient experience. To accomplish that, medical practice managers need to find and implement every available efficiency to help their team reach their productivity goals. It’s all about a better healthcare outcome for your patients and finding the right tools to help you achieve your goals.

One of the most efficient uses in your practice is your chosen EHR which organizes your patient documentation for efficient recording and billing. Typing, the traditional way to complete a note, is not the most efficient way to document – rather using your voice saves you up to 2 hours a day vs typing, which can lead to a significant time savings during your week.

Speech recognition solutions use the natural language processing characteristics to allow a physician's spoken words to be placed directly into the EHR data field. By using the power of your own voice, you eliminate the need for clicking into multiple fields, tabs, screens, and checkboxes to record your patient encounters - as we speak up to 5x faster than we can type.

Using speech recognition helps to mitigate typing errors that can lead to delayed billing, and even rejection of a claim. No practice wants to deal with claim rejections that need to be resubmitted, which takes more of your billing staff’s time. Add to that – the failure to get an appeal sent within a specific timeframe means the insurance will not pay, and you are left with the choice to either bill the patient for the full amount or write off the unpaid amount as bad debt. Neither are ideal for your business, your practice revenue, or your monthly cash flow.

That is why we recommend speech recognition for a clearer and more accurate patient note from the front end, with little to no need for back-end transcription. Nuance® Dragon® Medical One is the #1 Best in KLAS voice recognition solution for use within almost any EHR on the market today. The cloud-based, AI-powered solution is built to specifically assist independent medical practices attain that level of excellence for office productivity in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Ensures your patient notes are complete and more accurate - by using your voice vs typing

  • Helps you complete the medical record faster - and in turn, submit and get reimbursed at a faster rate

  • Gets more accurate with use - by learning how you speak the solution is trainable using command-based responses

  • Saves on IT costs - by using your current IT infrastructure to deploy on Windows-based desktops, workstations, computers, and virtually via the Dragon Medical One app

  • Fits within your clinical workflow - and can automate high-value clinical tasks and intelligent retrieval of information from the patient’s medical record

  • HIPAA-compliant - for a safe, and secure communication using Microsoft Azure, a HITRUST CSF certified hosting infrastructure

  • Expands mobility – with the cloud-based app that allows you to document from your office, laptop, or even phone, using the PowerMic Mobile App

We’d like to connect with you at the virtual MGMA Medical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference November 16-18 to show you more about our recommended solutions and productivity tools!

1st-Dragon/CME exhibiting at MGMA's Medical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference virtual event November 16-18

Please consider reaching out to our Solution Specialists to learn more about achieving that pinnacle of excellence you desire for your medical practice. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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