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AI Powered DAX™ Copilot and Nuance® Dragon® Medical One Helping Physicians Provide Better Overall Care

Many clinicians surveyed still find it exhausting to complete all the administrative tasks related to the care of their patients. From entering patient notes into the EHR, to completing prescriptions and follow up communications, traditional typing reduces efficiency and compromises the patient‑provider experience. Clinics and practices need cost‑effective technology solutions to help them stay competitive, boost compliance, and improve care quality.


According to a 2021 survey conducted by the AMA, close to 96% of non-federal acute care hospitals and 78% of office-based physicians have adopted a certified HIPAA-compliant medical health record platform - with specialty practices coming in at a higher level based on the complexity of the practice. Secure and HIPAA-compliant health information exchanges allow a patient’s health care providers to securely share the patient data electronically to support patient care across the country. But not all medical practices are using technology as efficiently or productively as possible, and that’s where we come in. Our team of certified Solution Specialists focuses on ways to get more from your chosen EHR by documenting more efficiently.


We work with thousands of physicians across the country to help them implement productivity solutions into just the right place in their clinical workflow, which in turn, helps them become more productive when documenting. That’s why we recommend the newest in AI-powered technology, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One and DAX Copilot (DMO and DAX).


Amplified by the unmatched power and scale of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, the solution combines Nuance’s proven conversational and ambient AI with the newest and most capable generative AI. It has earned praise from thousands of clinicians as the top conversational AI speech recognition solution that is helping them deliver & document better patient care.


When you add DMO and DAX into the right place in your clinical workflow, you can increase your overall productivity in several ways:


Captures a multi‑party conversation ambiently – while Clinicians engage in natural conversation with patients and other family members, the mobile app securely captures the conversation at the point of care, allowing clinicians to connect with patients rather than endless typing on a computer


Creates clinical documentation automatically - then it converts the conversations into comprehensive specialty‑specific clinical documentation summaries, and delivers the summary into the EHR and the Dragon Medical One desktop in seconds for clinician review and editing


Higher patient engagement - by using DMO and DAX  to document you will be able to spend more quality time treating your patients


Produces high‑quality documentation - that uses the latest AI technologies that has been trained on over 10 million encounters to produce accurate documentation efficiently and consistently


Scales across healthcare organizations - in telehealth and office settings in ambulatory specialties, and urgent care and primary care to scale more efficiently within your healthcare organization


Ancillary benefits of using DMO and DAX, show that busy clinicians are freed from the excessive medical documentation burden so:


➢    Appointments run on time

➢    Clinicians can focus on patients (while the full patient story is captured automatically in the background)

➢    Clinicians have FREE time after clinic hours to spend time however they choose


Clinicians using the Dragon Medical One and DAX speech recognition solution can produce documentation up to 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content - saving them an overall average of 2 hours per day. That’s a weekly savings of 10 hours, giving you more time for patients, for self-care, and family time.


Let us help you improve your practice productivity and see a better ROI from your EHR with Dragon Medical One and DAX Copilot. Please reach out to schedule a FREE Trial of Dragon Medical One, named #1 Best in KLAS speech recognition for FOUR consecutive years (2021-2024). | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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