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AI Technology Improving the Accuracy of Health Records

Accurate patient records are at the core of providing quality health outcomes. Your patient notes have to include accurate, timely, and precise information to diagnose and treat your patients. AI (artificial intelligence) has been used (with a watchful eye), for over a decade, and continues to aid in the documentation process.

We previously discussed how AI is helping to improve Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) by ensuring the notes truly represent your patient’s condition, and are usable for reports, reimbursements, tracking, compliance adherence, and research. Most of today’s EHRs are powered with an AI component, and when paired with a cloud-based AI-powered speech recognition solution, it vastly improves efficiency as it relates to office workflows, treatment plans, communication, and timely insurance reimbursement.

So how does AI technology help?

AI technology can help simplify patient record management by improving how the data is handled and retrieved from a patient's record. It enhances interoperability, easing the sharing of data between different programs and systems, to help in uncovering health issues in previous encounters and aiding physicians in making more accurate diagnoses.

How is AI used in medical records?

➔ AI evaluates an individual patient's record and predicts a risk for a disease based on their previous medical records and family history

➔ AI also utilizes large amounts of data and creates a set of rules that connect specific observations to concluded diagnoses of disease

When you pair your chosen EHR with an AI-powered speech recognition solution like Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO), you are supporting your clinicians and administrative staff with:

  • Time savings on back end transcription

  • Improved accuracy by using your voice to document right at the point of care

Using AI technology (artificial intelligence), can help improve overall patient care by streamlining, collecting, storing, and accessing your patient data. AI technology built into DMO, can automate many basic administration tasks like:

➔ Data entry

➔ Note storage

➔ Retrieval tasks

Shortcuts like these, though very basic, can assist your medical staff to access relevant information and make decisions in a timely and more efficient manner. And with that additional level of efficiency, time is saved, allowing your physicians and clinicians to provide an enhanced patient visit, and increase the ability to see more patients within your allotted work week. Your physician is saved from expansive hours of typing documentation by using the power of his/her own voice to document.

AI is being utilized within your EHR via DMO to improve personalized care and support the clinical decision making process – all to improve overall patient outcomes.

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