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AI Technology Supports Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI)

We know your practice takes patient documentation very seriously, as it is at the very core of providing quality healthcare outcomes. In order for your patient notes to have a high level of integrity, the documentation must check off several marks to be accurate which include being:







Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) is key to the entire patient experience, as your patient is relying on your notes to diagnose and treat their condition. Ensuring the notes truly represent your patient’s condition is critical for that healthcare outcome. The notes you enter will be coded, and used for reports, reimbursements, tracking, compliance adherence, and even further research, so it is crucial to ensure they are complete for informed decision making.

Using your chosen EHR is a smart step to assist with the documentation process, but when you pair your EHR with an AI-powered front end speech recognition solution, like Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO), you are supporting your clinicians and administrative staff by saving time on back-end transcription, and accuracy by using your voice to document right at the point of care. Using AI technology (artificial intelligence), can help improve overall patient care by streamlining, collecting, storing, and accessing your patient data.

AI technology built into DMO, can automate many basic administration tasks like:

➔ Data entry

➔ Note storage

➔ Retrieval tasks

These shortcuts can assist your medical staff to access relevant information and make decisions in a timely and more efficient manner assisting with CDI.

Taking accurate and complete records is what makes CDI, and using your voice to document creates a more effective (and efficient) medical practice by:

➔ Streamlining the patient encounter

➔ Making it easier to submit claims

➔ Ensure a faster insurance reimbursement

Being efficient with your time allows for your physicians and clinicians to provide an enhanced patient visit, and the ability to see more patients within your allotted work week. Your physician is saved from expansive hours of typing documentation by using the power of his/her own voice to document.

By recording digital patient notes at the point of care, you are ultimately optimizing operational processes, and ensuring your clinical documentation integrity. All of these features and more, will help elevate your patient’s experience within your office environment, and provide a more favorable CDI outcome.

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