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Attain Better Patient Engagement by Documenting at the Point of Care

We learn how to speak as an infant and our speech evolves and improves as we grow and mature. Speaking comes naturally for us, our voices have their own unique cadence, pitch, and rhythm. As a healthcare professional, you use your voice to convey messages, issue treatment plans, document patient visits, and communicate constantly with your staff and patients throughout the day. We understand that keeping the connection with your patients, their families, and caregivers is important to their overall health and safety.

That's why today's most advanced speech recognition solution is also the most widely used and highly recommended by busy physicians. Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO) is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, AI (artificial intelligence) solution built for medical documentation. By combining ease of use with high functionality, DMO creates a seamless documenting experience - simply by using your own natural voice.

The solution captures a patient note with 99% accuracy just by speaking and with little to no backend transcription required. You can document right in the treatment room using your voice to create a rich narrative, while engaging directly with your patients.

Speech recognition saves up to 2 hours a day with your administrative tasks, and eliminates the need of typing treatment plans and visit notes which in turn:

● Increases your overall practice efficiency

● Increases the detail in your patient note

● Decreases the time between submitting and receiving insurance reimbursement

● Reduces or eliminates your need to rely on out-sourced transcription services

Most importantly, using DMO to document right at the point-of-care opens up more time to spend engaging with your patients at your visit and uncovering details that help to improve the quality of care you provide.

As business professionals we naturally seek out ways to get more accomplished with the time provided in each work week, coveting extra hours to complete all tasks. By implementing Dragon Medical One (Conversational AI) into your practice’s workflow, it helps you increase your engagement with your patients as you are not tethered to a computer with your patient in the room. You can easily communicate with your patient at any time before or after your visit by using the secure PowerMic Mobile App to access DMO and document on the go. Keeping your patients informed is key to long-term quality of care.

You can read more about Conversational AI in one of our recent blogs.

If your practice wants to learn more about creating a better environment for engaging with your patients, then reach out to one of our solution specialists to learn more about conversational AI and Dragon Medical One. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

✔ Check out our repository of webinars here to view live demonstrations of Dragon Medical One!

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