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Conversational AI Technology Creates a Greater Environment for Patient Engagement

AI (artificial intelligence) is the power behind today’s most innovative conversational speech recognition technology. Conversational AI helps bridge the interactions between devices and humans by recognizing speech, text, and the intent behind the words to produce responses that mirror a human conversation.

There have been significant advances in the last decade with AI technology, and the uses in healthcare continue to provide better data to physicians about their patient interactions. Deep learning (DL) was developed for use with speech recognition solutions, to help identify specific patterns in the natural voice rhythms to give automated insights to healthcare professionals.

Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO), the most advanced speech recognition solution developed specifically for use within the healthcare industry, is being used by thousands of physicians today. Physicians and clinicians create a single user profile, then speak with their natural voice with a recommended microphone or smartphone app. DMO users are seeing many benefits by:

Improving their patient outcomes

Achieving health productivity goals within their practices

➔ Successfully automating practice workflows within their EHRs

➔ Yielding measurable time savings on completing patient documentation

By using conversational AI, DMO can recognize a user’s speech and text, and the more the solution is used, the more it “learns” and improves the documentation, saving the user up to 2 hours of time per workday. The time saved can then be used to create a more interactive environment during the patient session.

The physician and patient can engage at a higher level, as the physician is documenting right into the EHR during the office visit (front-end). No need for additional back-end transcription, as your patient note is being directly spoken into your EHR, without using multiple keystrokes. The end result being patient documentation that is rich, robust, and complete. Saving time with patient notes not only allows for a better patient outcome, but it also reduces or eliminates the need for post-visit documentation, mitigating physicians stress and overall well-being.

If your practice wants to learn more about creating a better environment for engaging with your patients, then reach out to one of our solution specials to learn more about conversational AI and Dragon Medical One. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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