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Better Documentation Yields Higher And Faster Insurance Reimbursements in Ambulatory Care

Medical Speech Recognition Is Proven To Assist In Better Patient Documentation For Busy Medical Practices

As a healthcare provider in the ambulatory space, medical practices must provide a high-level of patient documentation to ensure they receive accurate and timely reimbursements by insurance providers. Using traditional transcription services can result in costly delays to those reimbursements. Having the advantage of entering patient encounters directly into your chosen EHR, saves physicians the expense of transcription services; but typing into the EHR fields consumes a significant amount of time.

Physicians that include cloud-based medical speech recognition into their unique workflow, no longer have the need for transcription services. When clinicians create patient documentation, they speak rather than type directly into the EHR fields; the spoken data is available immediately and transcription costs are eliminated. Optimal and timely reimbursement for patient care is attainable, but it is based on the quantity and quality of that complex documentation placed into the EMR of the patient.

Nuance® Dragon Medical One is an excellent solution for physicians and clinicians who require a managed speech recognition application that’s easy to use, pairs with great mobility options, and still has the capability to create the complex documentation required for those timely reimbursements. Physicians who have adopted the cloud-based AI powered solution, are also yielding time savings of up to 2 hours for every hour of documentation. Those additional hours of time saved, are being used to see more patients, and provide a higher level of quality patient care.

The HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF certified voice powered solution meets and exceeds the required government regulations, and your created speech-related data is securely communicated over 256-bit encryption channels using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols directly into most EHRs.

Let our team of Specialists review your practice’s current processes; we will work with your staff to see where we can implement medical speech recognition into your ambulatory practice’s workflow. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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