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Big Benefits for Small Ambulatory Care Centers by Using Nuance® Dragon® Medical One

Operating a small ambulatory center has its challenges. You need to see many patients, usually with a very short window for diagnosis and treatment. Location does not matter as much, so whether you are in a rural or urban setting, many of the operational challenges are the same. Limited financial resources and a heavy patient load with extensive patient documentation requirements are specific challenges that make it to the top of the list when ambulatory clinicians are polled.

As a company, we focus on finding ways to help our clients benefit from technology to handle day-to-day operational challenges. Our recommended solutions have allowed small to medium medical practices and ambulatory centers benefit in big ways when they implement a voice-powered solution into their clinical workflows.

Nuance ® Dragon Medical One is an easy-to-use, cloud-based documentation solution, that offers a single-user profile that can be accessed across a wide variety of Windows-Based ® devices, apps and tools. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep-neural learning technology to provide fast and accurate documentation, right from the first use.

Check out how we address your centers challenges and how you can benefit from using a speech recognition solution like Dragon Medical One below.

Heavy Patient Load - by using the power of your voice in place of typing your patient encounters, Dragon Medical One can help you cut up to 2 hours a day from your patient documentation, even while using your chosen EHR. That extra time translates to less time spent documenting and more time seeing patients, which is a huge financial benefit for your center.

Limited Financial Resources - with a monthly cloud-based Dragon Medical One subscription model, you can leverage your limited financial resources and benefit from the budget-friendly price point - eliminating the expensive IT costs associated with many software programs. You can also request a 7-day Trial of the solution before you decide.

Patient Documentation Requirements - Dragon Medical One is a HIPAA compliant and HITRUST Certified Solution, which is required by law. Being a voice-powered solution helps clinicians document notes up to 45% faster than typing, reducing the amount of time dictating patient notes, proving to be a huge time-saving benefit for busy ambulatory centers.

Interested in hearing about other ways our AI-powered, cloud-based solution can help your busy ambulatory center benefit? Reach out today to our Team of Specialists and schedule a demo of our solutions. | 877-272-8280 or 866-977-3324


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