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Cloud-based Speech Recognition is Helping Medical Practices Achieve Better Quality of Care

Technological advances in healthcare are benefitting both physicians and their

patients every day. 2018 saw a huge jump in those advancements in many areas,

from genetic research, DNA testing, cardiac diagnostics to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

These advantages are being used to achieve better quality of patient care in today’s

medical practices. One way private medical practices are seeing better patient

outcomes, is to adopt an electronic healthcare record (EHR). The increased

efficiency when implementing an EHR is one of the top reasons physician practices

have mentioned they converted to an electronic format. The majority of EHR

companies are consistently releasing updates to their software to keep up with the

growing needs of private medical practices. Your EHR provides you with secure

access to your patient’s records, so finding other technology solutions that will

continue to meet the expanding needs of your practice is vital.

One of the ways to continue to see improved results within your practice’s EHR is to

implement an AI-powered, cloud-based speech recognition solution into your

workflow. By implementing such a speech solution within your practice, you can

effectively save up to 2 hours a day for every hour you document patient notes,

saving you significant time that can be spent with patient visits instead. Nuance® Dragon

Medical One is consistently improving the efficiency of your chosen EHR by reducing

the time spent in patient documentation. With it’s built-in medial terminology, and

AI-powered We help your physicians and clinicians by further customizing the

solution to fit within your practice’s workflow, ensuring higher satisfaction with

your staff, and more time to focus on your patients.

Helping physicians become more productive using today’s technology is what we are passionate about. Our team of solution specialists has over 30 years of combined experience implementing speech recognition tools to meet the needs of our physician clients. Our clients have a higher goal, taking care of the healthcare needs of people – which is what drives our commitment.

If you are ready to increase your practice’s efficiency, please reach out to our solutions team today – they can review your workflow and show you how we can

help you by customizing a solution for you. or via phone at 866.977.3324 or 877.272.8280


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