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Dragon Medical One & EHRs Align to Assist Orthopaedic Practices Achieve Higher Productivity Outcomes

As Orthopaedic physicians across many sub-specialties see an increase in patient volume each year (on average 100 patients each week), increased notes and individual treatment plans are required to document each encounter. Subsequently, the time each user spends in their EHR needs to be utilized efficiently.

With each of those patient encounters averaging about 10-15 minutes in addition to the amount of time required to document each one, you have already put in a 40-hour work week before completing all that needs to be accomplished. Finding a solution that allows you to use your preferred EHR and your documentation time more efficiently is key to increased practice productivity outcomes. Medical speech recognition is the solution, as it is specifically designed to translate your voice into a rich narrative that goes directly into your EHR.

Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence and secure cloud-based solutions like Dragon Medical One, are helping Orthopaedic physicians increase their efficiency and productivity, saving up to 2 hours a day. Dragon Medical One provides a HITRUST CSF-certified hosting infrastructure (Microsoft® Azure), allowing a safe and secure environment for documentation requirements. There are no complex configurations. The install is completed using existing IT infrastructure, so documenting starts as soon as the solution is implemented. The cloud solution is highly portable, as it can be accessed across a wide range of Windows® based devices across back-end, front-end, on-premise and cloud-based, making it an easy solution for use with your EHR platform.

By utilizing the customization features built into Dragon Medical One, physicians and clinicians leverage an easy to create, single-user profile to build customized templates, and Orthopaedic specific vocabularies. With the ease of integration with your EHR platform, physicians can document up to 45% faster than typing and capture more relevant content for their patient notes.

Reach out to the team of solution specialists at 1st-Dragon/CME to see how to leverage AI-powered clinical documentation within your EHR to increase productivity outcomes.


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