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Family Practices Save Time Documenting Routine Yearly Exams with AI-Powered Dragon Medical One

Back-to-school means returning to a routine for both parents and children, but it is also a very busy time for Family Practices. Every year the required physicals, immunizations, and preventative vaccines for children entering school, some for the first time, need to be scheduled in a relatively short period of time. Add to that, the mound of paperwork that needs to be obtained by the parent, filled out by your doctors, and sent in either by the parent or your own office. Requirements for back-to-school medical forms vary from grade to grade, district to district, and state to state, making it even more complicated.

With the increase in teens involved in school sports who need yearly clearance to play, adds to your patient load and can tax your clinical and administrative staff, dropping your productivity levels. Today, most EHRs have templated programs that can generate and print patient charts, exam results, and prescriptions, and even routine physical exams. But even with those templates, there is still a significant amount of typing.

With the hundreds of patient exams you process throughout the week, think of how much time you spend typing into those individual cells in each individual chart. A solution that allows you to “speak” directly into those charts can increase work efficiency and improve staff productivity. That is why we highly recommend our Family Practices pair their cloud-based EHR with the #1 Best in KLAS HITRUST CSF certified front and back-end speech recognition solution, Nuance® Dragon ® Medical One (DMO).

By implementing a flexible, and accurate speech recognition solution within your current workflow, you can give your staff a faster way to complete those routine back-to-school exams by pulling up and charting with the power of their own voice. Your DMO user can speak to open the right exam chart, speak to enter text directly into the chosen cell, create an accurate, and detail-rich note, which becomes part of the patient record. No need for back-end transcription with the 99.9% accuracy of the speech recognition solution, saving you thousands of dollars a year. All this is done by using your voice, without ever having to pick up your mouse - saving you hours a day.

The routine exam process is made simple by our cloud-based, AI-powered DMO, which can assist your physicians in adding the required information directly into your EHR exam template to include:

➔ Height and weight

➔ Check blood pressure, vision, and hearing

➔ Complete blood tests and other methods, depending on the child’s age

➔ Child development marks (speech, communication skills, motor skills, etc.), nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits

➔ Complete a review of the child’s medical history

➔ Required vaccinations by age (and state requirements)

➔ Supply age-appropriate safety information & health education

➔ Complete the standards set by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Your family care practice patients will receive a HIPAA-compliant documentation process and completed accurate exam documents that they can access as needed. Our medical practice clients report back to us verifying a 2-hour per day savings for each DMO user, that is high productivity across the practice, allowing you to be more efficient and accurate in your patient encounters.

Let us help get you started with a FREE 7-day Trial of the safe and secure Dragon Medical One ranked #1 Best in KLAS for 2021, 2022, and again in 2023! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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