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Save Hundreds of Hours in Documenting Patient Encounters in 2023

Leverage the Most Effective AI-Powered Technology for Higher Productivity in 2023 and Beyond

Today’s busy medical practices need the most powerful and innovative technologies and tools, to keep ahead of the increasing patient documentation requirements. Each year we hear from ambulatory medical practices that tell us how the new government and insurance regulations are sapping their time reservoirs, with close to 20 hours a week dedicated to typing away patient documentation. Wouldn’t it be smart to source and implement a solution before the new year that could potentially save each physician in your practice hundreds of hours each year? We think we know your answer, so we thought we’d offer you our recommendation that is being used by more and more physicians each year, the #1 Best in KLAS medical speech recognition solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO).

Now speech recognition has been tested and used for well over a decade both inside and outside the EHR platform to improve the quality of the care you deliver for your patients. The right solution uses today's most powerful, intelligent, and immersive technology to benefit both patient and clinician alike, by providing more comprehensive patient notes leading to a better overall quality outcome. These notes can be added using your own voice, to your chosen EHR by pairing with DMO, to be tracked, monitored, and evaluated using that innovative built-in AI technology within your customized environment. By using the custom features and tools available with your EHR, you can dictate (without endless typing) a richer and more comprehensive note and treatment plan.

Dragon Medical One can save your practice hundreds of hours in patient documentation - on average 40 hours per month, per physician by:

  • Utilizing the built-in AI technology to gather and add historical documentation pulled from previous visits to analyze and add with just your voice and without the usual copy/paste procedure

  • Dictating the visit notes with their patients directly at a more integrated level right at the office visit within the EHR without excessive typing for a more natural dictation process

  • Speaking in your natural voice with less typing means more time available to see more patients

  • Documenting on-the-go with the paired mobile app for higher productivity both in and out of the office

These are just a few benefits of documenting right at the point of care, and directly processing into your chosen front-end EHR system. You can improve your practice productivity (and profitability) by saving hours of documentation with the proven technology inside Dragon Medical One. If you're tired of endless typing inside your EHR, we can help boost your practice efficiency and get you set for a more profitable 2023!

Save both TIME and FINANCIAL resources by taking advantage of our year-end OFFER that reflects the absolute lowest pricing available to date for Dragon Medical One — Reach out today! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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