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Gastroenterologists Document Patient Patterns using Nuance® Dragon® Medical One and DAX™ Copilot

We all have a narrative, whether personal or health related. When we discuss our recommended solutions to our gastroenterology clients, they tell us that there are many conversations that take place to make up a complete patient’s note. In gastroenterology healthcare, crucial information is relayed via a series of conversations to create a story.

These stories (narratives) help your physicians compose a full patient history and identify underlying elements that impact a patient's overall health. With the right solution placed in your clinical workflow effectively, there are many ways it can positively impact your patient’s health, improve physician care, and promote healing.

Medical documentation is transforming thanks to AI-driven ambient clinical intelligence (ACI). The technological advancement in medical documentation is enabling new functionality and improved patient care. With the launch of the DAX Copilot earlier this year, Dragon® Medical One (DMO) users can add this solution to their workflow to enhance their productivity and help identify patient patterns during multi-conversations taking place in the exam room.

DMO was developed to help busy physicians capture data and transfer that data directly to their EHR using their own voice, but with the added power of ACI, the paired solution takes physician productivity to a new level. The documentation workflow through its flexible and modern architecture, has remarkable responsiveness and resiliency profile.

When your patients come to you with a wide range of gastric-related symptoms, having the intuitive DMO/DAX solution listening in the background, you will have the ability to capture more relevant data. That data is pulled into your EHR automatically without any other function performed by you or your staff. For example, those multi-visit pieces of information identify the significance of what a patient is eating, if they are active, where they work, identify their stress level, potentially identify food-related allergies, all to uncover a link between your patient’s digestive system and how it affects their overall health.

Creating a More Efficient Gastrologic Practice

DAX™ Copilot and DMO work together to complete the patient documentation journey, something that will benefit your practice by:

●      Reaching across your patient exam room

●      Enhancing your clinic environment

●      Starting right in your own waiting room with the intake interview

Crucial information is needed to learn the patient’s gastro-related symptoms and provide an accurate diagnosis. The conversational narrative between patient and physician is critical for a positive health outcome. Together, Dragon Medical One and DAX Copilot can be used for all charting needs – using just your voice. These integrated solutions surround care teams with the highest AI-powered quality, to support your goal of increasing documentation quality, while reducing your time documenting.


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