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Finding Solutions to Technology Challenges in Today’s Healthcare Arena

Whether we are discussing AI (artificial intelligence) technology, advanced imaging and diagnostics, cloud storage, or productivity apps, for as many advancements we see, there are just as many challenges to face. While many new technologies have been implemented in the human healthcare arena over the last decade, varying degrees of difficulties have been tackled and overcome.

For example, EHRs built with SMART technology have become the most widely used solution in the medical office. Those offices that have applied this technology have seen a reduction in their clinician’s burden and an increase in their overall practice efficiency. Finding ways to identify new techniques, enhancement tools, and solutions to your technology challenges for your independent medical practice will help to improve teamwork and performance. Overcoming those challenges is vital to maintaining that high-quality experience for your patients.

One of the challenges facing independent practices is cybersecurity. New technology advancement means new cybersecurity threats. So, as small medical practices start adopting telehealth and other digital systems, the chance of a cybersecurity breach increases, as sensitive patient data cannot be compromised. The solution is to ensure the technology you implement complies with HIPAA and government regulations, with safeguards put in place to prevent data breaches: such as strong firewalls on your email and communication platforms, along with a 2-factor authentication process.

Data equity will be a term that will resonate across the healthcare channel in 2024. While certainly not an unknown factor, there still exist significant gaps in the access, cost and quality for patients based on race, ethnicity, gender, and other demographic and socio-economic factors. The challenge for independent practices will be to ensure you capture very specific and accurate data to identify and document those disparities that could influence your patient’s quality health outcome. This data needs to be collected, analyzed, and distributed without bias, and that data needs to be provided to the insurance provider in a timely manner.

So how can your office address these challenges and implement the solutions we have highlighted? By using of one of the most technologically-advanced and easy to implement cloud-based AI-solutions built for the medical profession - HIPAA compliant and secure medical speech recognition. AI technology has been highly used for over a decade in various healthcare environments and has been proven to reduce the clinician’s burden and increase their efficiency. By the use of recording digital patient notes, optimizing operational processes, and automating repetitive tasks, many of today’s AI-enabled software applications are helping ambulatory care physicians isolate and identify patients who may require additional attention and develop a treatment protocol for each individual.

HIPAA Compliant Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition

Documentation requirements are crucial to ensure that all procedures, patient interactions, and billing processes are accurately recorded and HIPAA-compliant with relevant regulations. Finding a way to save time and ensure safe and secure communication and documentation is critical, so we recommend our physician clients consider pairing their EHR with Nuance® Dragon Medical One (DMO).  As a speech recognition solution, it recognizes, and uses the power of a physician’s voice to document and enter notes directly into the EHR. These notes are available to view and edit immediately saving the physician valuable time in back-end editing.

Addressing Technology Challenges with Advanced Speech Recognition

  • High Accuracy - With a next‑generation speech engine powered by Nuance Deep Learning technology, DMO achieves high recognition accuracy while dictating— as an accurate note is required for capturing and transcribing medical codes, reducing coding errors and ensuring that patient records are coded with precision

  • Safe and Secure Communication - Speech data is sent over 256-bit encryption channels using HITRUST CSF front-end speech, with advanced cloud-technology, making it HIPAA compliant and secure to mitigate cybersecurity breaches

  • Automatic Updates - to ensure you are using the most current solution to keep your physician staff focused on treating patients and not worrying about updating software


We know that safe and secure patient communication and a patient’s access to their record is essential in the field of human healthcare. Keeping your records secure is a federal requirement, and as such, medical practices need to prioritize compliance.

Our team of productivity and efficiency experts at 1st-Dragon/CME stay up to date on the exact types of concerns that busy medical practices deal with every day. Contact us to schedule a FREE Trial of Dragon Medical One, named #1 Best in KLAS speech recognition for three consecutive years (2021-2023). | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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