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Tips for Using Cloud Technology to Increase Safety and Efficiency in Your Medical Practice

The healthcare industry is without a doubt, one of the most complex industries with respect to data management. One of the ways to manage the extensive amounts of required patient data is by Cloud Computing.

Using a cloud solution in your medical practice can provide a connected, accessible, and an extremely collaborative environment for patients, administrative staff and physicians. However, this type of technology is not without its challenges, some of which include maintaining the security of patient data, accessing the data efficiently, and of course, COST. As a result, today’s medical practices need to adhere to meaningful use, and with the implementation of EHRs and practice management software platforms, most do offer cloud solutions with varying options and levels of efficiency.

Cloud adoption continues to increase rapidly as the amount of data required to document each patient encounter grows. We know ambulatory medical practices do not have the infrastructure for large data storage, and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliance guidelines are restrictive and set. Many of the tools and technology that are needed to keep your medical practice running also need to be HIPAA-certified to ensure federal government compliance.

A few TIPS when choosing cloud technology to increase efficiency and maintain a safe and secure documentation process are:

CHOOSE a solution that allows you to SCALE up or down as your practice usage requires. Many cloud solutions offer a scalable model that allows you to manage your storage needs

CHOOSE an EHR that can be paired with SMART technology devices that use artificial intelligence (AI)

CHOOSE the right cloud storage that allows for interoperability between current connected medical devices, medical technology, and allows for the various systems and applications that will be available in the near future

INCORPORATE medical speech recognition into your clinical workflow to increase efficiency while decreasing the amount of time your physicians spend capturing patient documentation

Benefits abound when using the right solution within your customized workflow. We recommend Nuance® Dragon Medical One speech recognition that includes both cloud and SMART technology. Check out these benefits:

  • REAL TIME data updates where each staff member can access and update patient information as needed

  • RELEVANT, TIMELY and ACCURATE notes are created by using your own natural speaking voice vs endless inefficient typing…savings are up to 2 hours a day per physician on average

  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY monthly subscription for a scalable documentation solution

  • HIPAA-COMPLIANT cloud services using Microsoft™ Azure for robust security, reliability, and scalability

Today you need to ensure your physicians work within a secure platform, where the transfer of data happens hundreds, if not thousands of times per day. Pivoting to a cloud environment ensures your practice enjoys security, flexibility, lower costs, customizable scale and more satisfaction among patients and medical staff.

Still unsure if a cloud-based medical speech recognition solution is the right fit for your practice? Contact us to schedule a no obligation free trial of Dragon Medical One to conduct your own proof of concept. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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