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FREE WEBINAR: Why the Urgency to Upgrade to Dragon® Medical One?

Updated: May 1, 2023

Learn More When You Join Our Latest Interactive Webinar on March 10 @1:00pm ET

The majority of medical practices use an EHR to document their patient encounters, and the required documentation needs increase on a weekly basis. Over time, saving even a few extra minutes each day really adds up. Finding ways to increase your productivity is essential in today’s busy healthcare industry.

Our company focuses on finding the right productivity tools to help physicians and clinicians save time and become more efficient. For many years Nuance® Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) was the product we recommended to save physicians time and help increase their productivity. However, as we have been keeping our clients informed, DMPE has been discontinued and with it the support ends on 3/31/22. Nuance, the DMPE developer, will no longer work to prevent or resolve any security issues that may arise for their legacy boxed product, and will not be held responsible for any security incidents, breaches, or other security failures for any and all customers opting to continue to use DMPE without support.

So based on this timeline you may have questions about the urgency of upgrading to Dragon Medical One. Our team has set up a NEW webinar to address the sunsetting and end of support for DMPE. We can help you by answering your questions about what’s next, and why you should upgrade to the cloud-based speech recognition solution Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO). This webinar will also show the many advantages of upgrading to DMO and address many of the known risks of continuing to use DMPE after support ends on 3/31.

Dragon Medical One has been trusted by over 550,000 users, and has earned awards in the industry, as well as praise from clinicians, as the top conversational AI speech recognition solution that is helping them deliver and document better patient care.

Register for this interactive webinar held on Thursday, March 10, at 1:00pm EST, where our resident expert will answer any questions you may have about upgrading from discontinued Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) to the latest in AI-powered, cloud technology, Dragon Medical One. Note that space is LIMITED to 25 attendees, so register today!

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when you upgrade to Dragon Medical One before March 31, 2022!

Reach out to our team of Solution Specialists for more details. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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